All great companies start as an idea.

Directors at the Kentucky Innovation Network are trained to evaluate business ideas based on time-tested principles. Creating a foundation for success is why we’re here.

Starting with the ABC’s of business development (business Assessment, Business development and ultimately Capitalization) we will;

– help you develop a winning business model,
– connect you with mentors and business advisers,
– provide strategic guidance and assessment and,
– assist in raising startup funds.

All while offering the moral support you need to take your idea and make it a reality.

Are you ready to meet with an Innovation Network Director? If you are on your way to answering the following questions, then you’re ready to take the next steps in starting your business.

1. Problem Being Solved – What problem is your company solving?

2. Customers – Who are your customers and / or potential customers? Does the product or service directly impact your customer’s bottom line?

3. Value Proposition – How does your customer make or save money by using your product? Is there a non-monetary value that your product provides? How will you communicate the value proposition to your customers?

4. Business Opportunity – How does your company make money? Be specific and describe the revenue streams. What is your company’s cost structure?

5. Competition & Differentiation – How do your customers currently use your product? What makes your product different / better than the competition? Who are your competitors? Who could enter this market space quickly?

6. Development – In what stage of development is your idea / technology / product?

7. Risk Tolerance – What is your risk tolerance, both personally and financially, as it relates to starting and growing your business?

If you can answer these questions (the best you know how)  and you want to take the next steps, please contact the Innovation Network Director nearest you.    

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