We provide the ABCs of starting and growing a business

Concepts for new businesses must be sized up, checked out and occasionally redirected or drastically pruned. The Network’s regional of offices provide the seasoned expertise to complete that assessment process.
BBusiness Development
Startups generally need well-crafted plans, connections to suppliers and buyers, marketing expertise and a clear path to sustainability. The Network’s regional of offices serve as hubs for just those resources.
With all the elements in place, businesses must produce a profit. The Network of offices offer the tools to help business owners draft a profitability plan, put it in motion and fine tune the process to improve income.
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Drura Parrish

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Kentucky Innovation Network from the beginning. They’ve been a great sounding board and resource for growth."

Drura Parrish
Owner, MakeTime
Caroline Eager

"With the help of the Kentucky Innovation Network … we were able to connect with a local businessman who purchased the mill that sat empty. The connection was what we had been seeking for over two years. The Innovation Network were instrumental in making our "Made in USA' and specifically "Made in Kentucky" dream come true. Today, we are working to put all employees back to work in Carlisle, Kentucky, step by step. Their involvement in the connection, the initial meetings, and the negotiations were priceless."

Caroline Eager
President, Liz and Roo
Kevin Humphrey

"Hollison is grateful for the assistance of and the support provided by the Kentucky Innovation Network. In every step of our entrepreneurial life – from idea to development to growth – the Innovation Network has helped us realize our potential and provided resources that has spurred growth and success."

Kevin Humphrey
CEO, Hollison