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Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Our Mission

To enable a sustainable and active entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the Commonwealth that is designed to identify, develop, retain and attract talented entrepreneurs utilizing a #teamkentucky approach that focuses on inclusivity, connectivity, positivity, and a “give first” culture.

Our Vision

Kentucky will become a go-to destination for entrepreneurs and investors who seek to start or grow a startup.

Our Goal

To identify, retain, develop, and recruit at least 10,000 top tier entrepreneurs to Kentucky within 10 years.

Our Values

Connectivity. We are all #teamkentucky. We seek to encourage and enable collaboration among entrepreneurs and the various stakeholders, among regions, and among the larger Midwest and southeast region. We believe that collaborating and sharing resources will allow us all to grow a stronger and more sustainable ecosystem.

Positivity. We recognize the challenges that we face, and the difficulties in starting a business. But we believe that despite these difficulties we will only be able to prevail if we remain positive in our ability to achieve great things together.

Give First. We ask "how can we help" before "what can you do for me."

Accountability. We set focused goals, and monitor our own performance using data and metrics to see where we achieve success and what we need to improve. We hold each other accountable in the ecosystem, ensuring that we fulfill our promises and perform accordingly. We appreciate feedback, as it empowers us all to perform at our highest levels. We work to build credibility with each other and between the community and the Commonwealth.

Sustainability. We believe that the only way that the Commonwealth will have a sustainable ecosystem is if entrepreneurial leaders and key stakeholders remain committed to the Commonwealth and develop a diverse set of funding sources for their support structure’s operational expenses.

Ingenuity. We as a Commonwealth need to come together and utilize our collective creativity to find efficient and cost-effective solutions that encourage and support entrepreneurship.

Hustle. There is no substitute for hard-work. We need to be proactive in our efforts, and focus on individuals and entities that demonstrate hustle to provide them with critical support and assistance to enable them to achieve success and remain committed to the Commonwealth.

Inclusivity. We believe in intentional inclusivity within the entrepreneurial community, and to ensure that all people have access to the necessary resources for success.

Digital Driven. We embrace technology for the advancement of our society, and aid in the distribution and adoption of technological advances within the Commonwealth.

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