Our Team

David Brock

Director of Operations

David Brock

David Brock is director of operations for KY Innovation and provides “air traffic control” for all activities dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship and accelerating startup growth. He is responsible for overseeing day-to-day project management and communications for the team. If David wasn’t the KY Innovation Director of Operations, his claim to fame would be his self-diagnosed “super-recognizer” ability whose uncanny powers of facial recognition are unfortunately only surpassed by an inability to remember names.

Prior to joining the Cabinet, David began his career as a reporter before moving into various roles as an editor. He served most recently as managing editor of The State Journal newspaper in Frankfort. He sometimes contemplated getting a discreet “Another Day, Another Deadline” tattoo.

David is originally from Danville, Ky., the birthplace of our statehood and aptly dubbed “City of Firsts.” Although he currently resides in Lexington, he considers his hometown exceptional for its history and its potent mixture of charm and surprising culture that belies its size. David, his wonderful wife Sarah and their rambunctious golden retriever-corgi mix Tallulah look forward to “a booming innovation economy and cheap round-trip flights to the moon” in the next decade. David enjoys telling and reading/seeing compelling stories about Kentucky, experiencing new places and is a semi-retired marathoner.

Kristine McNeil

Project Manager

Kristine McNeil

Kristine works with the programs and services KY Innovation can offer – funding, tax credits and resource referrals – that ultimately encourage the development of small and micro businesses in Kentucky.

As a small business owner herself, Kristine brings entrepreneurial experience to the team. Prior to joining the cabinet, Kristine also worked for a family-owned small business tax accounting firm. Her experience operating a small family business and assisting a wide variety of small business owners in central Kentucky, has provided Kristine with a seasoned perspective vital to assisting Kentucky’s small businesses with current economic challenges. Kristine’s experience in entrepreneurship, community involvement and her related future endeavors allow her the opportunity to connect with – and assist – Kentucky’s small businesses.

In her free time, Kristine enjoys reading and hiking. She also enjoys volunteering with local organizations that align with her variety of interests. A few of these interests keeping her busy include rescuing native plants from urban development, volunteering as a troop leader with Girl Scouts USA and actively supporting her small community church.

Marilyn LeBourveau

Project Manager

Marilyn LeBourveau

Prior to joining the KY Innovation team and taking on the project manager role, Marilyn honed her small business acumen as a bank branch manager and loan officer in Louisville and then as owner of a landscape contracting business in Jefferson County.

In addition to running daily business operations, Marilyn has been active in various community and nonprofit organizations throughout her career.

These diverse activities have included chairing a neighborhood revitalization task force, grass roots promotion of farm-to-consumer programs in Louisville neighborhoods, and representing Kentucky arborists to their national non-profit organization.

Marilyn’s real world experience in banking, entrepreneurship and community involvement affords her the ability to help Kentucky’s small businesses create successful growth strategies and find their special niche in the 21st century global economy.

Between work and her extracurriculars, Marilyn stays busy! When she does find free time, however, Marilyn enjoys any and everything hiking related and always looks forward to time with family and friends.

KY Innovation Mission

Our mission is to be the central hub for small business support, meeting the needs of founders, investors, innovators and small business owners where they are, connecting them to the right sources of connections, collaborators and capital to help companies imagine, launch, grow and scale.

KY Innovation Vision

Our vision is to improve Kentucky’s economy by accelerating innovation and making Kentucky the place of choice for entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, create successful companies and generate jobs and wealth.


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