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KY Innovation Hubs

Why create regional hubs? KY Innovation Hubs represent Kentucky’s approach to building vibrant, regional innovation clusters across the state and growing the overall economy. This 120-county effort modernizes Kentucky’s support for entrepreneurs and high-tech, high-growth-potential startups by leveraging each region’s unique strengths. The hubs unite universities, established companies and industry sectors, entrepreneurs, business accelerator and incubator programs and many other public and private entities to best serve business founders across the commonwealth.

What that means for you. If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative startup or existing business with the potential to scale, KY Innovation Hubs across Kentucky can meet you where you are – both physically and at the precise stage in your business’s lifespan. Whether that is early-stage education and mentorship, pitch competitions, navigating local and state regulations, connections to the regional and statewide networks of other entrepreneurs, introductions to relevant industry sectors and big corporations, or any other business tool, KY Innovation Hubs will help turn your idea into reality.

Bowling Green – CREATE

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Pikeville – SOAR

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Lexington – Awesome Inc.

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Paducah – GroWEST KY

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Covington – Blue North

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Louisville – Amplify

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KY Innovation is not limited by political or geographical boundaries – and neither are you. If there is a service or asset not available in your immediate area, KY Innovation Hubs can promptly connect you with the best solution for your business regardless of location.



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