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Jeremiah Chapman is Co-Founder and CEO of Louisville-based FreshFry. 

 What does FreshFry do? 

FreshFry is a food-tech company that helps restaurateurs operate efficiently. We do this through the FreshFry Pod, which extends the useable life of cooking oils for restaurants, saving time, labor and money. 

What sets FreshFry apart? 

FreshFry is the only solution that cleans oil without needing equipment. Pods are also made from plants.  

What was the greatest challenge you encountered in launching your startup and how did you overcome it? 

Scaling a physical product business in a startup environment. Some landscapes of partnerships were not used to agile startups who need different non-standard partnering. We overcame it by sheer willpower, luck, great investors and wonderful partners who believe in the team behind the Pod. 

What are you most proud of about FreshFry? 

That it employs more and more Kentuckians every year. A growing business that families can rely on is a wonderful feeling. 

What piece of advice do you have for new founders – or – what have you learned that you wish you’d known when launching a startup? 

Focus on the questions only YOU can answer, and find excellent partners who can help you on your journey to answer the rest. 


What is the most important ingredient or ingredients for a thriving startup ecosystem? 

Honest founders who celebrate with each other, commune with each other and believe in each other. An abundance mindset in the ecosystem. 


What makes Kentucky a great place to innovate? 

A deep sense of community. Kentuckians lift each other up. Kentucky is also ripe for accelerated growth, if the bold have conviction to make it happen here. 


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